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If you long for life, culture and especially the truth, I must let you into a secret; you need to look no further because you have found me, Alberto!
I can't promise you won't still be hungry and thirsty, but we can have some fun times together and it will give you something to remember.
Then tomorrow and beyond, you can reflect on what it is like to have a joyful day that in turn leads to a joyful heart.

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lunes, 9 de noviembre de 2015


El proyecto europeo Families and Societies ha publicado recientemente el documento número 43 de su investigación titulado Assisted reproductive technology in Europe. Usage and regulation in the context of cross-border reproductive care, en que se detalla la situación de las técnicas de reproducción asistida en Europa y el "turismo reproductivo" dentro del continente, y puede ser interesante como marco de la reflexión ética sobre el tema.

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